Le comparatif

I - Comparer 2 éléments

1) A>B - le comparatif de supériorité.

Les adjectifs courts : adjectif + er than (une syllabe)

  • Peter is bigger than Paul.
  • Paul is smaller than Peter.
  • I am faster and stronger than my brother.
  • He is older than his sister

Les adjectifs longs (plus d’une syllabe) : more adjectif than

  • He is more intelligent than his teacher.
  • She is more interested in maths than her classmates.

Les adjectifs en -y

Ils sont considérés comme des adjectifs courts, même s’ils font plus d’une syllabe. Ils se terminent en -ier.
Ainsi :

  • PRETTY : She is prettier (plus jolie) than her sister.
  • EASY : This test was easier. (plus facile)
  • HEAVY : This horse looks heavier than that horse (plus lourd).
  • CRAZY : that ideai is crazier. (plus folle)

2) A=B - as adjectif as - le comparatif d’égalité

  • He is as big as me.
  • Your sofa is as comfortable as mine.
  • This test is not as difficult as the test we had last week.

3) A inférieur à B - le comparatif d’infériorité => LESS adjectif than

  • This book is less expensive (than another book).

4) - Les adjectifs irréguliers

  • good => comparatif = better
  • bad => comparatif = worse
  • far (loin) => comparatif = further

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