NYC guide welcoming tourists

NYC guide welcoming tourists

Listen to your guide welcoming you after a long flight...

Answer these questions.

  • What is the guide's name?
  • Where are they now?
  • Find 2 actions she thinks her tourists will want to do first.
  • Where are they going? When will they arrive?
  • Where and when will they meet for lunch?
  • What's the programme for the afternoon? What visits does she suggest?
  • What has she just given to the people? What's in it?
  • What's the programme for the day after? Where will they go? At what time? How?
  • What's the programme for the evening?


  • Who does she work for?
  • What has she done before speaking to the tourists?
  • What's the only negative aspect about the day after's programme?
  • Will everybody eat together in the evening?

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Les membres peuvent télécharger le script, le document avec les questions ainsi que le fichier audio.